Trying to get out of debt…

I thought I paid off all my cards but I ran a credit report and found 2 cards open.

  1. card states transferred, closed $3739 written off.
  2. account charged off $1715 written off, $2929 past due

Card # 1 has gone to a collection angency. I have not received any letters or request for payment. But on the credit report show $4322 past due. Should I contact credit card company or collection angency

Card # 2 should I contact credit card company via phone or letter. what are my options?

Did you check all credit reports or just one it may be payed off it might not be showing up.
I had that happen to me mone credit report showed i still owed on a credit card and the other showed it payed off. I would call credit card company on both.

You have a few options, but first make sure they are in fact you are in debt with this credit card.

To answer your first question, the credit card company releases its responsibility once it charges it off to a collection agency, hence the name charge off (which is shown on the credit report). If you look at your credit report, you should see another inquiry on there showing the agency and contact information with the amount (which you already know). So, you need to contact the agency at this point, as it looks like this account has been closed by the creditor.

It is not uncommon for you not to receive correspondence from them, but that doesn’t mean you are still not responsible for them. I would contact the collection agency.

As for the answer to your second question, I would start by calling them on the phone and cordially talk with them regarding your obligations. They should (and legally will) remain pleasant to deal with. More than likely they will come up with a deal for you to make half the payment or a third if you can pay things in full with them by a certain time. If things need to be monthly, they’ll work with you. They have numerous avenues of help, as it becomes a win-win situation for both sides: you pay off the debt, and they get some of the money as well.

I hope this will help you get started.

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