Need help with collection account

When my daughter moved out of her college apt last summer, she left a balance on her internet that I didn’t know about. Unfortunately the cable account was in my name. I had worked 2 years to clear all debt from my credit and am trying to re-establish credit. Anyway, when my credit was pulled in December 09, there was a collection for $61 for Charter Fort Worth. I didn’t even know what it was!

I immediately called the credit agency and arranged full payment of the $61 and explained I did not know about the debt. The lady said she couldn’t remove it, only Charter FW could. I called them and they said their account w/me is closed and that it was the collection agencies decision. The account is listed as ‘paid’ on my credit reports.

The collection agency informs me that can not remove it, it was against their policy. MyFico report shows ‘recent collection’ as a red flag against me. The reason I was hopeful that they remove it is because my daughter had a few small medical bills on her credit totalling $82 and paid it and they removed it from her credit. I really need my scores to improve!!!! Is there anything else I can try to get this off? Thanks!

You typically would need to negotiate a “pay for delete” with the collection agency at the time you pay them. Once you have already paid them they have no motivation or reason to delete. Maybe somebody else knows something you can do, but once you have paid them they typically won’t delete. Medical collections are a little different then regular collections because of the HIPAA laws (learn more from this document).

I used to work for a collection agency. The agency is suppose to remove it once paid…You can actually go to the credit bureau and have it removed yourself by sending a copy of the payment to the agency showing it was paid and ask them to remove it. They will remove it for you.

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