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We have a first mortgage, a consolidation loan which is really a home equity loan, and an RV loan. We live in our RV in a warmer climate 3-6 months a year as my dh has healthy problems if he stays up here in the NW year round. My question is: in my budget would all 3 of these loans be considered housing or is only the 1st mortgage housing and the rest are debt?

umm i’m not sure but i would think a home equity loan is debt… the first mortgage is housing and i am not sure abou the RV loan..i would think that the loan that your in for at least 6 months out of the year would be housing? i am not sure though…. GL nad hope you find the answer you need :)

I think the RV is considered a vehicle loan??? I would think that the mortgage is the only one considered housing. Can you claim the interest for your equity loan on your taxes under property taxes??? If so, then I would think you could consider that one housing too; same with the RV. If not, then I would consider those to be debt.

Yes I can claim the taxes and interest on all 3 of these loans on my tax form. we are only a week late in paying our mortgage, and this is the first time that we have been late, ever, in the 2 years that we have had the mortgage. my question is, the mortgage company has called my work to ask about payment. And what really makes me mad is that I was not here to answer the phone, so one of my co-workers took a message. Can they do that?

What kind of message did they leave ? If they just left a message indicated their company name and asked you to call back, they are ok. If they left the message mentioning you were late for the payment, they violated Federal Fair Debt Collection Acts and you could complain them.

I realize that it took me awhile to get where I am. If I sell the car, I will not get enough out of the sale of it to pay all of it off. The truck pretty much pays for itself with the hobby farm and what I make there but then again, I could make do with a truck of less quality. I will look into the Dave Ramsey website and see what I can glean from that.

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